What really is SELF LOVE ❤️ ?

My thoughts on the topic: 👇🏼

I have heard so many people saying that if we truly wanna be happy then the path for it starts with self love.

But I really struggled with this for a long time. In a world where people define us in so many ways whether it may be our looks, the money we earn, how big our house is? and suppose you don’t have any of those.

Naturally we don’t feel good about ourselves and the tought of self love creates more anxiety in us rather good feeling.

Is Self Love is thinking good about ourselves?

A major urban legend think is if we start having good thoughts about the way we look, we will naturally start loving themselves.

But I beg to differ because if thoughts were the key then we wouldn’t need to care about what others think.

But we do care how people perceive us isn’t it.

I know reading till now you would start saying, when the fu*k I will get to the point. BE PATIENT my friend.


You may ask isn’t self love is self care. Yes and no.

Imagine you have a dog 🐶 and he is sick, naturally you will take him to a veterinary doctor. Why? Because you really care about him.

Now ask yourself if you are a type of person who really cares about the dog and also the people you love.

Then why don’t you show this type of care for yourself. What is stopping you from doing this? Because you think you don’t deserve self care. Your main job is to love others and care about them.

Now let me bust your myth- If you can’t even care about you, in no world you can truly care about others.

With self care you hold yourself with the same standard as you hold others that you care about.

Start exercising not just the sake for looking good for others rather because you care about your body, eat healthy because you care about what you put into your system.

Go towards the things that has always challenged you- even if you don’t know how you are gonna survive the challenge.

With self care you build courage and with courage you start loving yourself.

Thank you for sticking with me till the last. Please drop your thoughts in the comments section.



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