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Hi, 👋 my name is Gautam Khatter, and I am an engineer from India.

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Engineering has always been my passion. I loved the fact how engineering has evolved over time and both scientific innovation and engineering gave the technology that we are enjoying today.

Thus, I also wanted to become a part of this community. But to become part of this community was not easy. At first, when I started learning my first programming language (i.e C++) I failed to learn even the basics of it. And I mean literally, I didn’t understand even what a variable is. 😅

So, after 1 year of struggling when I was just about to give up, I met my mentor Mr Saurabh Shukla and he opened the world of software for me.

And from that time I have never looked back. Though I have never gone to college, Youtube and Udemy have been my university. I learned a lot from these two platforms and still learning from them. I started writing on Medium about the things that I have found difficult to understand by myself. I am still learning how to write a blog but my main focus is to convey the concepts in laymen's terms.

I love meeting people, if you wish to connect with me, you can do from these platforms mentioned above. ☝️



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